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Employers can create a catching job ad with a bounty to fill their most urgent roles faster - by leveraging our community of specialized and trusted recruiters (freelance, in-house) and boutique agencies who can fill them, win the bounty and get paid.

Why choose RecruZone?

Twice as fast

Our smart recruiter-matching system allocates multiple Talent Scouts for each job.

Highest talent quality

Our specialized recruiters deliver the best hidden talents.

Competitive pricing

Below-market prices based on bounties chosen by the companies & largely success-based fee for recruiters

Win-win solution

Companies find the unique talents and recruiters get instant access to the best gigs.

For Recruiters

Free access to the most attractive gigs from firms in tech, marketing and sales.

Gigs on demand without any sales effort
Quick placements through an efficient collaboration
Secure early payments through RecruZone
For Companies

Find the right talents who drive your business forward.

Best talents delivered to your inbox in no time
One-stop solution for all your recruitment efforts
Competitive prices and guaranteed satisfaction

How does it work?

Set up

Professional discovery call to analyze the job requirements and creation of an eye-catching job ad with a bounty.

Smart recruiter-matching

With this, the sourcing process begins.

Hiring process

Receive awesome talents within days and interview the best of them.


Companies Pay after a successful placement and Recruiters then receive immediately the bounty listed.

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For Recruiters
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